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Get up Close with the Manatees this Summer

  • August 20, 2014

What is a manatee anyways?  Affectionately referred to as the “Sea Cow” a manatee is a type of marine mammal with paddle like flippers that can measure up to 13 feet and weight up to 1300 pounds.  Manatees live in shallow and marshy coastal areas of the Caribbean and the Gulf of Mexico and cannot survive in waters below 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you’re staying with us in Fort Myers this summer, check out a few of these great spots to view this iconic Florida gentle giant. 

Three Sisters Springs, Crystal River

 At Three Sisters Springs you can charter a boat or kayak to witness large congregations of manatees who often come here in the winter when the water of the Gulf becomes too cold for them to survive.  Manatees are peaceful creatures – we remind you to observe them at a distance and respect their personal space.

Blue Spring State Park, Orange City

The State Park is a great place to view manatees up close without having to take a boat or kayak.  A nice network of boardwalks and viewpoints gives ample opportunities for photographing these majestic creatures.

TECO Manatee Viewing Center, Apollo Beach

Here is an interesting synergy of human technology and the natural world.  The Big Bend Power Station discharges warm waters from its generators, which attracts manatees in droves, especially in the winter months who need the warm water to survive.  A nice feature of this viewing site is an environmental education center where you can learn more about the manatee, its natural habitat and its endangered status.

Here at the BEST WESTERN PLUS Beach Resort we do everything possible to make your stay one of absolute comfort.  Every morning we offer a complimentary breakfast for everyone in the family to get your day started on the right foot.  If you don’t feel like straying too far from the hotel, the beach is rigt next door, where you’ll find a convenient location to rent water sports equipment.  If you’re looking for stellar accommodations in Fort Myers, look no further than the BEST WESTERN PLUS Beach Resort.


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