Fort Myers Beach Vacations

As one of Florida’s top vacation destinations, Fort Myers Beach gets a lot of attention from travel guides, newspapers, magazines and websites. To help you get some different perspectives on what Fort Myers Beach has to offer, this page highlights some of the best writing about Fort Myers Beach and other points of interest in Lee County.

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Fort Myers Beach Vacations by Caitlin Moore

A beach vacation on the Gulf of Mexico has a certain quality of removal and relief that's not found just anywhere. Places like Sanibel Island, Ft Myers, Captiva and others all shine with a special brand of radiance perfectly suited for obliterating the aura of stress and tension that tends to surround the daily life of so many of us - a trip to this region guarantees a return to what's important.


New York Times: 36 Hours in Fort Myers by Linda Salisbury

Within 24 hours of arriving in Fort Myers in March 1885, Thomas Edison bought 13 acres on the Caloosahatchee River, and before long he was planting palm trees along the dirt road between downtown and his spread. The road is now McGregor Boulevard, lined with thousands of royal palms (not all courtesy of Edison) and congested in tourist season, and Fort Myers is still seducing Northerners. Now a mally, sprawly city of 48,000, spawning suburban housing developments, it offers not only warmth and sunshine, but boating, beaches, spring-training Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox games, and a pedestrian-friendly downtown historic district with restored buildings and diet-busting restaurants. There are frequent downtown festivals, where retirees can impress their visiting families with their new outdoor lifestyle and rub shoulders with tourists and longtime Floridians. The largest is the Festival of Light, celebrating Edison's bulb, which began last week and runs through Feb. 15. For its big parade (Feb. 15 this year), people reserve viewing spots a week in advance along Cleveland Avenue by positioning their folding chairs, which no one disturbs…